The Unfinished Files of Celestial Code-Artistry

I am Chad Estioco. I love reading books and building things from the ground up.

I am an amateur (i.e., hobby-driven) photographer and typographer. I am also an enthusiast of backyard astronomy.

I love to try out different sports but I mainly practice Taekwondo.

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My Work. Elsewhere.

This website features stuff I've pretty much labeled as "done" (though not always "finished"). I have other works-in-progress which you can check in my GitHub account.

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More Museic Making
Sun, 08 Oct 2017 14:06:18 +0000

A couple of years back give or take, I resolved getting serious with my dream of becoming a guitar god. So I wrote an app that would help me practice playing/jamming. When I finally resolved to write Museic in Java, it occurred to me that the nature of the app makes it a good mobile […] more