Who are you?

I am a graduate of BS Computer Science from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. I am a huge fan of various FOSS projects, particularly Linux Ubuntu, Google Chrome, Blender, Celestia, and Stellarium. I am a Linux user since March 2010.

You can view my curriculum vitæ in PDF here.

And what is this?

For years now, I have maintained my own website. It started out as a personal coding project in high school which I ended up loving and is now the domain that is skytreader.net. Nonetheless, the site/blog remains largely personal.

This website contains the (not exactly personal) computer science side of my life. I find coding an interesting activity and most of the time (when I am not reviewing for some exam or flipping through some work of artistic literature), I implement some of the algorithms which fascinate me in particular, or code some personal projects. You'll find some of them here.

Can I use your code?

Of course but please don't forget to credit me. Most of the codes posted here are well-commented, oftentimes in Javadoc style (even for non-Java codes). It will do for me that these comments are left intact. If I haven't had the time to document the code, please add my name and a reference to kode.skytreader.net .

My code is not under any license. However, I waive responsibility for anything that might happen from use of my code. If your nuclear reactor blows up because you used my code, it is not my fault.

Sometimes (but especially when I'm GUI coding in Java), you may find my code too commented for comfort. I write uber verbose comments on my code since I find that doing so helps me recall tricks and techniques especially if the said trick/technique is unique to a particular language. You may cut down on the comments as long as it's not those which identify me as the author.

How do I report bugs?

Head over to the Contact page and drop me a line. I can't guarantee that I'll revise the code concerned at once as that depends largely on the amount of work I have at the time. Rest assured that your bug report has been considered well and is much appreciated.

What's your favorite programming language?

That would have to go to Scheme, though you'll find that the Scheme section of this site has the least files. I explained why there. I am very comfortable with Java though at times its syntax tires me. Recently, I am looking into Python whose syntax and features is some kind of a compromise between Scheme and Java.

What is your favorite algorithm?

The Sieve of Eratosthenes. I have a Scheme implementation here. It has this timeless elegance which never fails to make me smile whenever I code it. Somewhere in my process of learning a language, I code this algorithm.