Java: PRISM: Octave to Java

The algorithm we used for my undergraduate research was prototyped in GNU Octave. As such, when we needed to integrate the algorithm into our final product, we had to translate the Octave functions we used to Java.

Note that this is not a port of all Octave functions to Java. This only includes the Octave functions we used in our project. These functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

The code is quite documented though how well and how accurate, I leave the user to find out, caveat emptor. It is not in my plans to maintain this though maybe, just maybe, I'll document this better some time in the future.

Related Link: My pseudo-documentation of our thesis over at {;} Note that, I documented here our thesis in general. So if you are only after my documentation of porting Octave code to Java, you might encounter some noise.